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Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is a champion of collaborations and partnerships that inspire children and their families to explore and discover the wonder of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). That commitment is underscored by our dedication to serving children of all abilities, and to understanding how different members of our community think and experience the world around them.

After many internal discussions and extensive feedback from parents and teachers, we came to realize it was no less than a priority to make our facility more accessible to traditionally underserved audiences. “We heard feedback that there’s a tremendous sense of isolation for families affected by ASD,” said Mel Drumm, executive director, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. “They tend not to go to public places like museums for fear that their children’s behavior will be disruptive. My Turn addresses and overcomes this fear by opening our facility, and those of our partners, on a regular and systematic basis specifically for ASD families.”

An initial partnership with Aim High School culminated in a pilot program called “Morning at the Museum,” which took place at AAHOM in September 2015. There was significant planning for this program, including preparing special exhibit labels, an online guide, and a training for Museum staff and volunteers led by Dr. Roger Lauer of the Center for Neuropsychology, Learning & Development. Our efforts were very well received and “Morning at the Museum” was an unqualified success. We immediately realized that our ASD friendly program needed to not only be repeated, but expanded. Thanks to generous grant funding and after successfully joining forces with University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, University of Michigan Museum of Art, Therapeutic Riding, Inc., and Leslie Science & Nature Center, “My Turn: A Sensory Friendly Sunday” was born.

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Aim High School

Aim High School is a general education solution addressing special learning needs. We serve 6th-12th graders with learning differences including Autism Spectrum Disorder, attention deficits, and anxiety disorders. Their model–based on small classes (2-8 students), strong student-teacher relationships, personalized curriculum, life skills and a safe, happy environment –allows students to thrive by focusing them on their abilities rather than disabilities. Whether college or work bound, Aim strives to produce diploma holding graduates with integrity and character ready to lead independent and rewarding lives. For more information about Aim High School, call (248-702-6922) or visit www.aimhighschool.com.

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The Center for Neuropsychology, Learning & Development

The Center for Neuropsychology, Learning & Development (CNLD), directed by Dr. Roger Lauer, provides quality mental health care for children, adolescents, adults and families. Its motto, Developing Unique Minds and Impacting Lives, speaks to CNLD’s commitment to assist individuals in maximizing their potential. CNLD provides comprehensive assessments in order to develop effective treatment planning and intervention for clients.  Services offered include neuropsychological and psychological testing, ADD/ADHD, ASD and learning disability testing, therapy for individuals, families and groups, executive function coaching and much more. For more information about the CNLD clinic or services, call (734) 994-9466 or visit www.CNLD.org.