Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra

The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra enriches the culture of Southeast Michigan by offering musical programs that engage, inspire and educate people of all ages both on and off the stage, all through the year. We make the music come alive on the stages of the Michigan Theater and Hill Auditorium and at your child’s school, in your library, or at your local farmers market.

Young boy with trumpet and young woman smiling next to him

KinderConcerts and Instrument Petting Zoos introduce our youngest audience members to live classical music. Classroom concerts, conductor visits, youth concerts and side-by-side concerts inspire and educate school age kids. And family concerts, chamber concerts and Taste of Music events entertain music lovers of all ages. These programs reach more than 30,000 people in Southeast Michigan each year, igniting sparks of curiosity about music that lead to transforming experiences.

The Instrument Petting Zoo is one of the A2SO’s most popular programs. Through this program, kids of all ages (and lots of adults, too!) enjoy hands-on fun with real orchestral instruments. Instrument Petting Zoos give kids the opportunity to bow a violin, pluck a cello, buzz a trumpet, blow a flute, and play other instruments they see and hear in the orchestra. It’s a fun program that teaches how vibrations become sound, and sound becomes music.

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